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2019, What's happening?

Moors (excerpt)

Are a stage for the performance of heaven

Any audience is incidental

Ted Hughes

For a while I have been pondering the reasons we ascend the hills and mountains, 'the tang of height' as Nan Shepherd called it. I found this poem by Ted Hughes brought together some of these thoughts - the setting (as for a show) the performance, the climb, the stage itself is the ground on which we rest, relieved and weary and yet excited by the scene around us. Looking out onto the world from a different place for a while. The poem alludes to the land as the stage set for raw weather, the fall of night, unknown animals and plants; the variety of the performance of nature.

This drawing is a preparatory sketch for an exhibition I am planning next summer. Hopefully the ideas will come together in a experiential idea of the plateau, partially surrounding the viewer with boulders and rock. The exhibition will have a soundtrack and I intend to record what occurs whilst in the field during the day and at night.

Who knows what will result. But I hope the sound recording, detached from the sense of sight to aid us, will reveal something new about the landscape around us.

I will reveal details of location and dates later in the year.

For now, we are rushing around preparing for a family Christmas, but also preparing to leave and travel in the camper van again. This time we will spend several months in Spain and Portugal, exploring the mountainous areas. I will let you know what adventures occur as we travel, and what we find on our journey.

Here's to a good rest, and a happy new year.


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