Over the Moss

Collaboration with Sarah Smout - singer, songwriter and cellist

This collaborative project has been seed funded by Craven District Council and Settle Stories as part of the Feast artists network of which we are both a part. We will each create a piece of work or part of a work that is then exchanged with the other to respond to and be inspired by. The work will be centred on the destructive erosion of the peat bog by the managers of large areas of moorland in Yorkshire and Lancashire. The blanket bog is an incredible carbon sink and defence against flooding in the valleys below, as well as an important wildlife habitat. It is also an important feature of the uplands in the area of Craven where Sarah and I are based.


The bog has been eroded by sheep grazing , drainage and burning of the heather for the maintenance of the grouse stocks for hunting. Only recently has erosion of the peat bog become a matter of public importance as the effects of climate change become ever more pervasive.

Once complete the collaboration will help raise awareness of the need to protect the blanket bog.


Environmental restoration

Sense of place 



Drawing on paper



Film for digital dissemination