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Give Peat a Chance

Commission by Yorkshire Peat Partnership (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust)  

Collaboration with Sarah Smout - singer, songwriter and cellist

This collaborative project has been seed funded by Craven District Council, Settle Stories and latterly Yorkshire Peat Partnership as part of the Give Peat a Chance exhibition.

Give Peat a Chance - Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes, July 15th to 9th October 2022

Give Peat a Chance - The Folly, Settle, October 15th to 23rd December 2022


We each create work to inspire the response in the other. The work is centred on the destructive erosion of the peat bog, by farming methods both current and historic. The blanket bog is an incredible carbon sink and defence against flooding in the valleys below, as well as an important wildlife habitat. It is an important feature of the uplands in the area of Craven, North Yorkshire, where Sarah and I are based.


The bog has been eroded by sheep grazing , drainage and burning of the heather for the maintenance of the grouse stocks for hunting. Only recently has erosion of the peat bog become a matter of public importance as the effects of climate change become ever more pervasive.  The work featuring 4 pen and ink and watercolour drawings, poetry and a soundscape help to raise awareness of the importance of the peat bog.

Rutherford_Peat.Stone - 5.jpeg


Pen and Ink

Rutherford_Peat.Stone - 3.jpeg

The wind blows through the Cotton Grass

Ink and watercolour

Rutherford_Peat.Stone - 2.jpeg

The Sun Dew Rises

Ink and watercolour

Rutherford_Peat.Stone - 4.jpeg

The Dark Peat Below

Pen and Ink

Images are available for sale as limited edition giclee prints or originals. Please enquire.


Environmental restoration

Place making



Drawing on paper



Rutherford_Overthemoss - 2.jpg
MossBW_Rutherford - 1.jpg
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