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Picos Wind

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One last trek in the wild weather of The Picos, (Cantabria, Northern Spain) led us to the Cabana Veronica high on the Fuenta De side. The raw wind pushed and pulled us to the spaceship refuge. Inside, through a submarine door the calm swallowed us. As our senses returned, the new exterior sound of the wind became all invasive, howling and rattling the space ship's cables and exterior panels, trying to get inside.

My interest in recording sound has sprung from a loss of the hearing and balance mechanisms in my right inner ear, through surgery a couple of years ago. Up to this point hearing sound was something I took for granted.  This could be further clarified as understanding and interpreting sound. Now recording sound and playback has become an essential part of my practice and adds to the opportunities within the work to build sensorial experiences. 

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