August 16, 2020

A night on Attermire, near Settle, North Yorkshire.

On this night in May 2020 the sun took it's time to go down. Even at 11pm the night sky was luminous with alpenglow over head. There was no moon. I zipped the bivvy bag up tight but the cold air crept in. I felt the sm...

August 15, 2020

Rapid sketches of two climbers at Attermire, Settle. Each climber has a distinctive climbing style, repeating similar moves as they swiftly climb the face of Grade 5 and 6 sport climbs.


June 29, 2019

We take two walks in the Somiedo Natural Park, in the footsteps of bears, wolves, lynx and wild boar

First impressions of Somiedo Natural Park reveal densely wooded landscapes, small clusters of chalet like dwellings, red clay roof tiles and dark timber balustrades ador...

May 18, 2019

Portugal, largely unknown to us, was a great surprise. We found good climbing and hiking, fantastic food and friendly and helpful people. My last blog covered the Southern end of Portugal with the Rota Vicentina (Fishermans Way) as the focus. The North of Portugal is v...

April 27, 2019

In 5 days with a campervan

The scents of the air are close and a similar subtle warm honey scent is everywhere, occasionally sharper scents of the sea break through, or the air is interspersed with a new floral sweetness.  A patch of herb Rue can be smelt but not seen i...

April 14, 2019

We visit Spain's highest peak and are treated like kings at the Poqueira Refugio. 

We set out for the footpath to take us to the Poqueira Refugio on Sunday afternoon. It was a long and rather hair raising drive in the campervan, along dirt tracks skirting the mountain s...

March 31, 2019

We take a Spring walk in the Alpujarras and encounter new-age communities.

As he travelled in the Alpujarras, Laurie Lee wrote in A Rose for Winter, ‘The sun fell on us like treasure, and the daylight moved over the sea in great, slow transpositions of colour, dyin...

March 6, 2019

A village with a portal and a long drive from urbanisation.

We drive for what seems like hours, ascending gradually through a long wide valley rimmed with mountains, reminding us of Umbria. Pablo blanco (white villages) are dotted around clinging to hillsides.  the terr...

February 20, 2019

January 25th 

La Mancha - Castille, Los Canyones Del Jucar

An afternoon's contemplation and a disturbed night.

We are heading for a popular natural area, a tourist attraction set in a beautiful gorge setting. Heading up the narrow road on the left side of the gorge we pas...

January 30, 2019

The longest part of our year travelling has begun. Temporarily delayed by my operation, we gave the journey the official start when we drove off the ferry at Cherbourg. France was cold and closed. We clung to the coast and saw some wonderful skies over the Atlantic. At...

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Dusk to Dawn

August 16, 2020

Movement in Climbing

August 15, 2020

Walks in the Bear Park

June 29, 2019

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