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The Folly 

Fire and Stone 

(Craven Arts Takeover)

Friday 1st July to October 9th 2022

Fire and Stone  - 1.jpg

A K Rutherford

Settle Quarrymen 

Charcoal on paper

Fire and Stone  - 2.jpg

A K Rutherford

Abandoned Quarry

Charcoal on paper

Dales Countryside Museum

Give Peat a Chance

Friday 15th July to October 9th 

Rutherford_Peat.Stone - 2.jpeg
Rutherford_Peat.Stone - 3.jpeg
Rutherford_Peat.Stone - 4.jpeg
Rutherford_Peat.Stone - 5.jpeg
Rutherford_PRGivePeatachance - 1.jpeg
Rutherford_PRSarah - 1.jpeg

Art work is for sale as originals or reproductions. Please enquire.

Rutherford_Intothehills1 - 1.jpg


Keighley Creative Space

January to July 2020

This exhibition is being shown shown as part of a retrospective of Ann Rutherford's prints and drawings at Keighley Creative Space, Hanover St, Keighley

Into the Hills

Mill Bridge Gallery, Skipton

6th to 28th September 2019

IMG_8281 (2).jpg

Image: photographic panorama

This building is one of the oldest in Skipton and dates from the 16th Century. I was fascinated with the the interplay between the ancient, domestic space and the immersive depiction of the theatre of rocks and boulders that the visitor finds themselves amongst, having journeyed to that space.

The paper and charcoal are key elements providing texture and natural products that support and give depth to the depiction of the rock. The physical act of creating the images mirrors the aspect of journeying into the hills.

This exhibition played with scale and the audience expectation of traditional landscape formats. Instead we are immersed in a powerful and strange natural environment. We are transported to that place, encouraging the intersubjective exchange at the moment of experience. 

Image: drawings produced supporting the exhibition.

These drawings were made during an expedition to explore the uplands of Spain and Portugal and other parts of Europe. 

The Blog can be viewed on this web site as 'Fieldwork'

Short film of sunlight playing on the surface of the rock, filtered through the window of the gallery.  The sunlight is both natural and unnatural, filtered and altered, like the depiction of the rock itself as it is interpreted by the artist. 

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