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Art in the Cave workshop

We entered an easy to access cave, and pushed through the stream of water rushing round our feet, creating noise and echoing sounds all around us.  We explored the geology and spotted fossils. This incredible experience culminated in a visit to a beautiful underground lake where the water rippled, casting moving reflections around the smooth surfaces of the chamber. We made sketch impressions, listened to the cave, poetry and experienced the darkness.  Contact Ann Rutherford for more information on underground workshops.

"An amazing experience" - Mark Butler 

"This was a super cool day under the world" - Steph Dwyer (cave explorer)

Rutherford_artinthecave - 6.jpeg
Rutherford_artinthecave - 8.jpeg


LabyrinthineForm_Rutherford - 1.jpg

A K Rutherford

Subterranean Form

Charcoal on paper

An exploration of cave formations linking to the body in the cave. With less emphasis on sight the cave exploration becomes a sensory experience of smell, touch and sound. The body is used in a new way to negotiate space. The experience takes us to another world and connects us to distant times and people. 

Rutherford_cavehanging - 1.jpeg

A K Rutherford

Hanging Form

Charcoal on paper

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