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Going South

Its been a few weeks since the first blog, and we are now well on our way across France, the aim being to spend an as yet unspecified amount of time in the Pyrenees before heading back.

I am writing this as we are parked up for the 3rd night at the pretty spa town of Mont-Dore in the Auvergne region of the Massif Central. We came here because we heard it was a volcanic area of great beauty and we were keen to see the rock, visit the peaks and find some climbing. It is wonderful - lush and green. We have now been in France for a week in total and this is our third location.

We set off from UK on the early morning sailing from Dover on Sunday 25th June. As we are now in Mont-Dore I will give some info on the previous areas visited - Fountainbleau and Planfoy (Massif du Pilat) in other posts. I will also do a post on the van design as there is a lot of detail and people are asking!

Van life has quite consumed us - we both thought we would be sitting around wishing we had brought more books or trying to find a reliable wifi source to download TV programmes. In fact we spend most mornings breakfasting, emptying or filling the van tanks, cleaning and tidying the van, before preparing for the outing of the day. We arrive back late and spend the evening preparing food.

We’ve had a few moments - I managed to throw the sausages on the bed whilst juggling pans on the 2 burner stove, and the first time the water waste tank overflowed I found myself wading in cold water in the tiny wet room. Life in the van is getting better every day as we adapt to the way of life.

It takes us ages to drive anywhere as we cannot resist stopping for a brew on an Aire, or looking at view points. It's life at a different pace.

To work on this blog and do some drawing means a relaxing day off from all that activity.

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