From Dusk until Dawn
A night on Attermire, near Settle, North Yorkshire.
On this night in May 2020 the sun took it's time to go down. Even at 11pm the night sky was luminous over head. There was no moon. I zipped the bivvy bag up tight but the cold air crept in. I felt the small, cool breezes on my face. The sight of the starred sky above captivates whenever my eyes open. There are shooting stars.  It's a lonely and exposed experience. 
At 4 we wake to the first dawn chorus - the skylark high above us and then another.  Turning around we see hundreds of sheep gathered on a nearby hill top. They are standing but completely still, radiating out from the summit. All the sheep in one place. 

Sundown, looking towards Ingleborough

Sun up, standing on the Cairn. 

The golden dawn light highlights the bog grass and dry heather. the summit of Pen Y Gent visible on the horizon

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