Artists Statement

Image: Rock Sequence, charcoal on paper, 2019

Ann Rutherford is a visual artist who explores man's complex relationship with the natural environment. She uses physical exploration to bring understanding, connections and experiences into her practice. She records using drawing, sound and photography and from this field work creates large scale immersive scenes for exhibition. These encourage intersubjective exchange with the viewer. 

Through the use of embodied sensory experience, Rutherford’s work contains themes of projections of the self, place identity and memory, the temporal and mutability.  She uses transitions from dark to light, the subterranean, contrasts of scale, the rootedness of rocks and trees and the primordial to navigate these themes. 

Rutherford has a social element to her practice. She creates site specific workshops and exhibitions for the public and has worked with writers, actors and technicians to create larger projects. She is an experienced project manager and has delivered high profile projects for arts organisations.

She is working on the following projects: 


Threshfield Quarry 

Keighley Arts and Film Festival

Craven Arts House 

Craven Arts

Fire and Stone - The Folly, Settle

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